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We welcome help in improving the site and database. There are three ways to participate in the InsideWood project:

Contribute Data: Wood anatomical descriptions for species or groups not yet in the InsideWood database are welcome. We especially welcome publications describing woods of critical or vulnerable groups, as well as underrepresented taxa. Please send reprints, if available, or complete a IAWA Modern Wood Data Sheet (Excel format) or IAWA Fossil Wood Data Sheet (Excel format) of the published descriptions. If you have a publication that would provide additional data for the Inside Wood descriptions (e.g., vessel element, fiber length, or crystal location), please submit changes or additions, with accompanying references.

Contribute Corrections: If you notice errors in either anatomical descriptions or names of taxa, please let us know, and provide documentation (references) we can use to correct those errors.

Contribute Images: If you have unpublished micrographs or published micrographs (digital or film) for which you hold copyright and that represent vouchered modern or fossil wood specimens, contact us about submission. We are able to scan various media (negatives of varying sizes, color transparencies, and photographs). Corresponding anatomical descriptions are welcome, but not necessary. All images are linked to metadata and the authors of the images are fully credited.