Image Viewing Hints

In order to view the images, you need to set your web browser to allow pop-up windows; this is automatic in some browsers (e.g., some versions of Internet Explorer). Some web applications, such as Yahoo and Google, have toolbars with a block pop-up option, be sure that those are turned off as well.

Full descriptions in the search results include thumbnails of any linked wood images. Each thumbnail is accompanied by information on the specimen, section view (see below table) or feature shown, microscope objective lens used to take the photograph, photographer and their institutional affiliation. Remember that all images are copyright of their contributor, and their use is restricted. Images are delivered through Luna Imaging Insight and there is a link to the Luna Imaging Insight web site.
Section View
ivp intervessel pitting
pp perforation plates
r radial section
t tangential section
vap vessel-axial parenchyma pits
vrp vessel-ray parenchyma pits
x cross section
xrt cross tangential and radial

Luna Insight Browser
Clicking on a thumbnail on the description page opens a new window with a magnified view of the image and an Insight toolbar. This window is linked to another window, the Luna client workspace, which gives access to thumbnails of the entire InsideWood image collection. Multiple windows can be open at one time to allow comparing images. Be patient as the initial loading of images is slow.

Note: The performance of the viewing windows varies between web browsers. Some browsers open the Insight window automatically and some browsers open a separate launch window (which can be ignored). All browsers need to be set to allow pop-up windows. All viewing windows are linked to the Insight help page.

Luna Insight Icons
The Luna Insight toolbar's icons allow you to select tools to manipulate the InsideWood images. As you move the cursor over a tool icon, that tool's name and function are shown in the footer. Luna tools available for the InsideWood image collection are reviewed below. When selected, a tool's icon become yellow to show it is active.

SELECT AND MOVE IMAGE: The select arrow works as a pointer to select images or regions of interest. When multiple images are open, the select tool can be used to position an image. When an image has been magnified with the Zoom in tool, switching back to the select tool allows you to change the magnified region shown in the image window by moving the rectangle in the toolbar's thumbnail image.

CLOSE: Closes the image window of the selected image.

You can change magnification of the selected image by clicking the zoom in (higher) and zoom out (lower) tools:

LIST AND SELECT MULTIPLE IMAGES: Please ignore this tool for now. Right now (May 2005), this tool is not very useful for distinguishing images, the Luna software automatically gives the first piece of information recorded about the image, in this case the family. So if you have multiple images of woods of Anacardiaceae, all will be listed as Anacardiaceae, without a list of genus, species, or sample.

DESCRIPTIVE DATA: Provides a popup window with information about the selected image, including name of contributor and their institutional affiliation, species and sample.

Clicking on the maximize or minimize buttons sets the selected image to a size equivalent to the space shown by the solid white line of the icon. The maximize button sets the selected image to the maximum size that fits in the viewer window. Enlarging the window and reselecting maximize will reset the image to the new window size. Clicking on the minimize button will return the image to its default magnification:

PRINT: Prints the selected image window.

LUNA HELP: This button links to the Luna Insight Help web page for questions about using the Luna Insight software [Note: this is not a link to a help page about InsideWood searches].

RETURN: To Group Workspace takes you to the Luna Insight group window (client workspace) for the InsideWood image collection. From here, you can search the entire IW image collection and select additional images for viewing.

MINIMIZE TOOLBAR: Hides the tool bar so that more of the BrowserInsight window is visible. To restore the tool bar, click at the bottom of the window.

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